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High-performance Quantum Walk Simulator

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Hiperwalk 2.0 represents a significant upgrade to its predecessor, offering a comprehensive solution for the simulation of quantum walks on graphs using heterogeneous high-performance computing (HPC) resources. Its architecture, fundamentally redesigned, now encompasses the simulation of both coined and continuous-time quantum walk models, seamlessly integrated into a Python session. Comprising two primary components, the user frontend API, developed in Python, and an inner core, written in C, Hiperwalk 2.0 provides an accessible interface and efficient computational capabilities. With the capacity to fully utilize all parallel devices on a user's machine, it offers scalability and robust performance for complex, large-scale simulations, making it an invaluable asset for researchers in the fields of quantum walks and quantum algorithms.


  • pip3 install hiperwalk
  • pip3 install hiperwalk --upgrade (to upgrade from a previous version)




  • Source files are in GitHub. Go to the documentation and look for Install

Online Tutorial


Paper Describing Hiperwalk

OLD VERSION - Hiperwalk: High-performance Quantum Walk Simulator

Hiperwalk is a freeware open-source program that allows the user to perform simulations of quantum walks on graphs using HPC. The user can use the parallel resources of the computer, such as accelerator cards, multicore CPU and GPGPU to speedup the overall process without knowing parallel programming. It is under development and employs Python, OpenCL, Neblina, and Gnuplot languages.



  • Source files are in GitHub. Follow the documentation below.


  • Installing and getting started PDF

QWalk: A Quantum Walk Simulator

Current version: qwalk-1.3

QWalk is a free simulator of quantum walks for one- and two-dimensional lattices. Binaries are provided only for Windows, but the simulator can be easily compiled also in Linux or any other similar operating system with a recent C compiler. If you have any problem, please contact F. Marquezino.
Email: qubit at lncc.br; or directly to franklin at lncc.br.

License (GNU GPL): License
Release notes: Releases


Version 1.3 (12.08.2008)

Important note for Windows users.
Click here for older versions.

Related publications

  • Marquezino, F.L. and Portugal, R. The QWalk Simulator of Quantum Walks, Computer Physics Communications, Volume 179, Issue 5, Pages 359-369, 2008. [PDF]
  • Marquezino, F.L. and Portugal, R. QWalk: Simulador de Caminhadas Quânticas, In Proc. of 2nd WECIQ, pages 123-132, Campina Grande, Brazil, 2007. (in portuguese) [PDF] [ZIP]
  • Oliveira, A.C., Portugal, R. and Donangelo, R. Caminhos Quânticos Passando por Fendas, In Proc. of 2nd WECIQ, Campina Grande, Brazil, 2007. (in portuguese) [PS] [ZIP]

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