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PhD thesis

  • Lara, P.C.S., "Algoritmos Baseados Otimização de Funções Contínuas Usando Algoritmos Quânticos", PhD thesis, LNCC. In portuguese. PDF
  • Santos, R.A.M., "Algoritmos Baseados em Cadeias de Markov Quânticas", PhD thesis, LNCC. In portuguese. PDF
  • Moqadam, J.K., "Analysis of the Implementation of the Toffoli Gate with Imperfections", PhD thesis, LNCC. In English. PDF
  • Santiago, D.F.G., "CWS-type Quantum Error Correcting Codes", PhD thesis, LNCC. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Faber, J. "Quantum Games from Biophysical Hamiltonians and a Sub-Neuronal Optimization Criterium of Information", LNCC, 2005. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Kowada, L.A.B. "Design of Reversible and Quantum Algorithms", COPPE, 2006. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Oliveira, A.C. "Simulation of Quantum Walks in Two-Dimensional Lattices", LNCC, 2007. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Marquezino, F.L., "Analysis, Simulations and Algorithmic Applications of Quantum Walks", LNCC, 2010. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Gonçalves, D.N., "Quantum Algorithms for Problems in Computational Group Theory", LNCC, 2009. In portuguese. PDF ZIP

Master's thesis

  • A.B. Leão, "Um novo simulador de alta performance de caminhadas quânticas", LNCC, 2015. In portuguese. PDF
  • Oliveira, F.B. "Analysis of the cryptography security and steganography in images sequences", LNCC, 2007. In portuguese.
  • Souza, M.F., "A new approach to calculate the accessible information", LNCC, 2007. In portuguese.
  • Marquezino, F.L. "The Approximate Quantum Fourier Transform and its Simulation", LNCC, 2006. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Gonçalves, D.N. "Quantum Fourier Transform in the Dihedral Group", LNCC, 2005. In portuguese. PDF ZIP
  • Faber, J. "Quantum Computation on Open Systems and an Application to the Biological Model of Frohlich", LNCC, 2004. In portuguese. PDF ZIP


  • Marquezino, F.L. and Mello Junior, R.R. "Simulation of the Quantum Fourier Transform using Distributed Computation", Monograph (BSc in Computer Science), UCP, 2004. Supervised by G.N. Cunha and R. Portugal. In portuguese.